Vumi is a Swahili word that means “rumour” or “what’s hot on the streets”. Vumi Central is a multimedia platform that aims to connect creators and audiences to experience the best of African cinema, television, music,  mobile video game, and entertainment news with an emphasis on the African content. The platform is a hub for the following entertainment services:

  • Watch – Movies, TV, Kids & Live TV/Streams/Sports
  • Play – Mobile Video Game
  •  XR – (AR/VR/MR)
  •  Listen – Music, Podcasts, Audio Books & Radio Dramas
  • Read – Entertainment and Sports News

What is Vumi Watch?

Vumi Watch is the video hub of Vumi Central that delivers free and premium video content to primarily the African audience and a global audience interested in African content.

We believe there is amazing content being made on the continent that is not easily accessible to the African audience or the world. Vumi Watch will be the natural home for global independent films in Africa. This service will offer the following products:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Kids & Family Content
  • Live Streams and Live TV/Live Sports

The curation will have an emphasis on great premium African content that is not easily accessible on other platforms. The following are the key features of the platform.

Vendor Driven:

Independent producers can create a vendor account and sell directly to the customers or appoint a sales agent who will manage and collect on their behalf.

Every vendor has a backend access with a clear dashboard that shows how his or her titles are performing on our platform.

The platform will carry premium content that will be available for rental and purchases as well subscription and free(with ads) services for older titles.


User experience is a key focus of the platform. We have limited interactions to the minimum required steps, and we have optimized our player to understand viewer behavior and viewing experience.

We have an intuitive layout that makes it very easy for anyone to make a choice, register or login, pay and enjoy watching an uninterrupted session.


We understand that piracy is a major issue and every studio or producer wants to ensure the protection of their product. To this end, we have made sure that the platform is completely secure by employing DRM policies that make sure that no one can download premium content.

Vumi central is a service operated by Africa Digital Media Studios Ltd based in London UK.